Vincent Rischmann

Senior backend engineer


I am a Senior backend engineer with 10+ years of experience building distributed systems, high-throughput webservices and data processing pipelines.


Experienced Go, Java, Kafka, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Linux, Git

Knowledgeable Kotlin, Python, Rust, C, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Helm, HAProxy, nginx

Work experience

2013/12 - Present

Lead backend engineer is a marketing automation platform serving billions of requests and push notifications per day.

I was one of the first member of the backend team and worked on the backend services for the last 8+ years, making them scale to sustain the growth of the company. I built the sender services and made them scale up to 400k push/s, I worked on the webservices serving our SDK with more than a billion request per day.

I also worked on the data processing pipelines, ingesting millions of data points by the SDK and responsible for maintaining the customers' userbase.

This was all done in Go, using Kafka, Cassandra, deployed on bare-metal with Kubernetes and Docker.

I was also involved with setting up the development processes, ranging from unit tests, static analysis, code reviews, observability across the company, standardisation of deployment recipes.

As a team lead I also had to coach and mentor new team members as well as help with technical designs and architectural decisions.

2013/04 - 2013/11

Software engineer was an email service startup. I was tasked with developing and deploying a platform to send emails.

My main mission was developing the backend services to schedule, create, personalise and send emails; I used Java, MySQL, Redis to do this.

My second mission was deploying and managing a fleet of servers were the services were deployed; this involved provisioning bare-metal servers and managing configuration using Puppet.


2010/02 - 2013/02

Software engineer

Strascom was building an advertising network serving banners and popups on publishers' websites.

My missions were to maintain the existing C++ codebase, build new services using Java and PostgreSQL and deploy them.

I was also responsible for provisioning, deploying and managing a fleet of bare-metal servers.

I also took the opportunity to bring new processes, such as setting up a VCS and adding unit tests.

Side projects

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of side projects, most of them are open-source. This is only some of them, you can find all my open-source code on GitHub.

zig-sqlite, a SQLite wrapper for Zig adding compile-time checked queries.

envconfig, parse configuration data from environment variables.

kcm, a tool to start local Kafka clusters for development.

hdas, an API to upload Apple Health data to.

zig-cassandra, a Cassandra client for Zig.

zig-prometheus, a library for Zig exposing Prometheus-compatible metrics.


Movies, TV shows, listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks.

Video games, programming, discovering new things.